In 2002 four friends got together to form a rock band. Under the name of X-teller they constantly played gigs across the south of England for five years. In that time they honed their song writing skills and made two albums and two EPs which enjoyed excellent reviews.

In 2007 after a years break three members of the band felt the need to renergize their friendship and their music. A year later the three smashed on to the live scene with a new sound, a new full album “How a War is Won” and a new name “Hundred Days”.

The new name refers to the hundred days between Napoleon Bonaparte escaping imprisonment and the battle of Waterloo. After a year of peace the battle had to be won by both sides and just like Hundred Days and their new album it was an all or nothing situation.

Since then they have not let up on their on going tour introducing their own brand of hard rock to as many people as possible along the way recording follow up EP “Rise”.

Next came album “Mission Exodus” and this one is the biggest and best yet. Mostly recorded by the band themselves the record offers a mix of classic rock, high drama and some fun stuff. This 12 song/15 track album contains three tracks recorded at The Animal Farm studios in London and a bonus track from a live radio show ‘Live at Orchard’ broadcast on Glastonbury FM.

Ten years after starting there first album, Hundred Days ready to share the fourth collection of new songs and, just like the first record “How A War Is Won”, the songs on “Dancing With The Animal” are about the events in bands lives leading up to the record, some were great, others really not great at all.  It has been these events that had delayed and delayed this album for quite a while now but they are all extremely proud of the final result and can’t wait to share it with you.

Just as in the past, this record has been produced by the band itself but this time for the final mixes the band handed the tracks over to Bruce Sword of fellow Yeovil band The Pineapple Thief, Bruce has done an amazing job with the music. This along with some new writing styles on a few of the tracks has by far made this album the Hundred Days best yet.

Wile writing the album the band new they needed a extra guitarist to recreate the songs live. So three have become four with the presence of Ed Swinburn, who was present at the very first Hundred Days show in 2008.

Good heavy rock music made by a lasting friendship and a solid understanding of the craft of song writing, this is Hundred Days.




Hundred Days

2017 – Dancing with the Animal –  Album

2017 -The Animal – Signal

2013 Beg for Moore – EP

2011 Mission Exodus – Album

2011 Burn in Hell – Single

2010 Suicide Joe – Single

2009 Rise – EP

2008 How a War is Won – Album



2005 Acoustic – EP

2004 Run on the Rooftops – Album

2003 Between These Lives – album

2002 Thousand Lifetimes – EP


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