How A War Is Won (2008)


  1. Intro
  2. Blackheart
  3. No Better
  4. How a War is Won
  5. Burning the Sun
  6. Teenage Stalker
  7. Loved and Won
  8. Just One Night
  9. Never See It My Way
  10. Little White Line
  11. Lets Take it Outside
  12. Mr Silver Tongue

Three friends (formally of the band X-Teller) decided to get together to write music once again. This time there was no pressure to please anyone other than the band members themselves and music came flowing. Excited about the new sound the band decided to start recording. Soon enough they knew they were looking at an album project. The finished product is a classic/hard rock album recorded and written by the band with songs about there life experiences. This is the definition of independent music.