Mission Exodus (2011)

Mission exodus


  1. Inrto (ME)
  2. Mission Exodus
  3. Taste Of Convenience
  4. What We Do
  5. Burn In Hell
  6. Suicide Joe
  7. Power Of Love
  8. Psycho Woman
  9. Whatever Happened To You
  10. You Keep Fighting
  11. Heads Are Turning
  12. Mission Exodus (Reprise)
  13. Launch
  14. Started To End
  15. Live And Let Die (live radio)

The band lunched Rise EP in the winter of 2009 knowing that the following March they would start their biggest project so far. The apocalyptic themed Mission Exodus was set to be the best record so far with the band aiming at a much higher level. Three tracks were recording at Animal Farm Studios in London produced by Ville and Matt Leppanen, setting the bar high. The rest of the album was then recorded back in Somerset, once again produced by the band, but this time at The Orchard Studios with all the tools of a great studio available to them.